To provide the most efficient emergency care and transportation for the sick and injured of New Madrid County, and further provide non-emergency care and transportation to those in need.

Who We Are

NMCAD provides emergency medical care and Advanced-Life-Support and transport to area hospitals for the people of New Madrid County, Missouri. The District is county-owned, and covers nearly 700 square miles, extending across farmland and growing communities.

Our staff consists of highly trained EMTs and Paramedics, and we’re also a certified Training Entity for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). We offer training courses and certifications in house, ensuring our EMS staff is up to date with all the latest protocols and best practices.

Our Services

NMCAD is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) system, which means our ambulances and EMS staff are equipped to handle more serious medical conditions than Basic Life Support systems. This includes equipment and training to care for patients who require cardiac monitoring, an IV, a ventilator, etc. Our protocols meet or exceed the Model System criteria set forth by the Missouri Bureau of EMS.

Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including cardiac monitoring systems, defibrillators, CPR devices, ventilators, power cots with power load systems, and more.

We operate nine ambulances across four stations, located in New Madrid, Sikeston, Parma, and Portageville. Our ambulances transport patients to all area  hospitals, with the capacity for air services to land and provide longer transport to St. Louis, Memphis, or other specialized hospitals.

Our History

The New Madrid County Ambulance District was officially formed in 1978 by vote from the citizens of the county. Originally, the ambulances were staffed by paid on-call EMTs responding from their home. Our ambulance district is governed by a six-member board of directors, with one board member elected from each of the six districts within the county.

Currently NMCAD operates nine ambulances out of four 24-hour stations across the county, with a combined part-time and full-time staff of over forty.